To commemorate the life of Shri Gopinath Munde, an Indian politician from Maharashtra who lost his lift in a sudden road accident, a memorial was designed in the tourist city Aurangabad. Gopinath Munde was born in a middle class family in Parali in 1949; his primary education was in a school where classes were conducted under a tree, since he grew into a grounded personality who served to the nation with his truthfulness and calm attire.

Likewise the memorial is designed as a consolidation of both built and unbuilt masses. A statue of the legendary leader is erected in the centre of the site affirming to his strong vision, which is back dropped by the auditorium conceived by a conch shell and a rising wave. The memorial space is encarved as an iconic structure with green courtyards and stepped terraces. It is Apprended as a tree whose experiences changes with changing light. It is a matrix of covered and open spaces which creates a feeling of lightness and transparency. Rather than giving a continuous closed space for the facilities (training centre, Museum, Dormitory, Vip Rooms), these are connected and overlooked to the piazza podium in the centre. The partial in and Partial out experience gives the visitors a lively involvement with the tribute paying space. The green terraces are to be used as an amphitheatre overlooking the statue where one can sit and meditate, remembering the legendary leader of the Nation.

The existence of water on site on the entrance stairs, the statue plaza, and around the amphitheatre enhances the landscape, also reflecting the various masses around. There is a hierarchy of courtyards, which becomes the activity ground for the visitors. The memorial unfolds itself as one stand in the centre near the statue having a view of the whole site. The levels and scooped out courtyards give an alleviating sense standing below the sky. The Terraces act as interactive spaces too which are beneath the sky.

Overall the memorial is a walk of remembrance, initiating dialogues by complimenting social interactions and the auditorium being an iconic structure invites the visitors.

Shri Gopinath Munde Memorial

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Published by Creative Group

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